Seamus Kennedy, LAc LMT

Seamus is a healer. His primary interests are to:

  • make you feel better
  • treat the cause of your pain or illness
  • empower you to make effective choices to assist your recovery

Seamus is a New York State licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist.   As manager and guiding influenceSeamus Kennedy LAc LMT ofLive Well, Seamus is committed to providing you with the very highest care, from your first phone call to the final satisfied farewell.  Using the scientific healing arts of acupuncture, personalized herbal prescriptions, massage therapy, nutrition and exercise therapy, in addition to several other modalities such as cupping and moxibustion, Seamus joins his patients and clients on the road to wellbeing and recovery.

Seamus librarySeamus studied for six years in Portland, Oregon, at the National College of Natural Medicine, the oldest naturopathic medical school in the United States.  Seamus had access to the best training of Classical Chinese medicine in the country.  Working under Dr. Youping Qin as a close student, teaching assistant, and clinical intern, Seamus trained in sports and trauma medicine from a classical perspective.  With Master Zhongxian Wu, Seamus has practiced qigong (energy cultivation or “work”) and meditation for many years, and is a beginning student of classical astrology and Chinese calligraphy.  In addition, Seamus has worked alongside chiropractors, nurses, medical doctors and naturopaths to provide optimal natural medical care. 

From sports injuries to infertility, digestive complaints to the common cold, everyday stress to cancer recovery, Seamus uses the gifts of his teachers and experiences to get at the root of the problem, treat the acute situation and keep an eye to your long-term care, and allow you to feel a whole lot better in the meantime!  In both assessment and treatment, Seamus never forgets the guiding phrase of Live Well:“The patient is the healer, we assist that healing”.  Together, we can assist and guide that process to swift and satisfying completion.

Please join Seamus in the clinic for expert natural medical care, and upstairs for regular classes in qigong and meditation.  He also supports and writes for Live Well’s blog and e-newsletter.  Sign up today to keep tabs on all the goings on!

Seamus Kennedy LAc LMT

Seamus is a native Upstate New Yorker, Elmiran and Southside High School graduate.  After many years away, exploring the world and being humbled by the depth and breadth of human experience, he has been guided back home.  He is proud to be part of the rebirth of Elmira, and is looking forward to co-creating a new sense of community and stewardship in our great little city!