Professional Massage Therapy

Seamus Kennedy, LAc LMT

Elmira Massage TherapyWe all know stress contributes to illness and chronic disease, and there is no better remedy for stress than a skilled professional massage. But did you know that sluggish circulation and nerve compression also contribute to pain, compromised immunity, and low vitality?  Massage promotes healing in all these areas and much more.

Massage therapy at Live Well is provided by fully trained, licensed and highly skilled practitioners, using a wide range of techniques, with you the client comfortable and clothed or unclothed under a drape.

Massage is satisfying and effective medicine, and we take massage therapy very seriously at Live Well. Whether you are looking for a healing escape, relief from pain and increased mobility, simple relaxation and stress-relief, or as a kick-start for the immune system and detoxification for the treatment of an entrenched illness, massage is a profound tool for healing. Moreover, massage feels great, during and after, and as such is not only medically effective but also thoroughly enjoyable!

Human touch and massage were humanity’s very first health care. With thousands of years of history in China, India, Europe and indigenous populations the world over, massage ranks at the front for the treatment of disease and the promotion of wellness, in addition to feeling wonderful. In Chinese medicine, massage is one the “five pillars” of therapy (the others being acupuncture, herbal formulas, dietary therapy and Qigong), and is considered a vital part of any treatment plan.

Using fingertips, hands, forearms and sometimes elbows and feet, our massage therapists employ a variety of techniques including gliding, compression, kneading, vibration, percussion, deep tissue therapy, shiatsu and others to promote circulation, mobility, healing, and relief from painful spasm. The techniques we offer can vary from extremely gentle and harmonizing to powerfully focused and transformative, depending on the needs of your care, as determined by you and your therapist.

Your massage session, depending on the techniques used, may take place over full clothing, partially clothed, or completely undressed beneath a drape. At Live Well, your sense of safety, modesty and comfort are a mandatory part of our natural health care, and we take every effort to make you feel secure and well taken care of. Listening to you is our first priority.

Massage affects many systems in the body: muscular, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, skeletal and connective tissue. Each system is connected to the others, so the benefits of massage for a particular ailment will be helpful for the whole person! As we are body-mind-spirits, massage also touches us in our emotions and thought patterns, speeding your relief, promoting mental clarity, and inspiring you to be more caring toward yourself.

As you progress in your therapy, the benefits accumulate and you find improvement in overall health and mind-body awareness.  This can and often does result in a profound letting-go of whatever is causing your “dis-ease”.

Massage is THE primary natural medicine and therapy, and integral to our health care strategy here at Live Well.