Our Mission

LIVE WELL UPSTATE:   A natural health care clinic and community center, supporting your innate health in body, mind, and spirit.

Live Well Upstate's explicit purpose is to make you and each other feel VALUED and CHERISHED as a human being, within the context of the most professional and expert drug-free healthcare available. Live Well Upstate assists individuals on their paths to wellness and vibrant health, while relieving pain, discomfort and emotional distress. We take our medicine seriously, and skillfully treat you with hands-on expert massage therapies, acupuncture, nutrition, counseling, Chinese herbal formulas and so forth. Live Well provides opportunities and instruction in healthy movement, mindfulness and wholesome eating habits; we assist each and every person to bring about positive change in his or her life.

Our goal is to serve the greater good and the development of humankind, in our own small way, by learning and growing together in community. Healthy bodies and healthy minds are creative, patient, dynamic and harmonious.  Developing our connections to Spirit, whatever your definition of Spirit, is a primary part of our mission; we are all connected.

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