Meditation is simply practicing EASE while still paying ATTENTION. In a way, it is like practicing enlightenment itself.

Elmira meditationAt Live Well, we teach and practice meditation for a number of reasons:

- health benefits, including lowered blood pressure and increased immunity

- stress relief, which is a primary contributor to ill health and physiological compromise

- mental and emotional calm and clarity to practice kindness with ourselves and others

People think they can't meditate, or that it is difficult, or that their minds are just too active. When sitting in a group with other sincere meditators, we are able to go more deeply into the wide open space of freed spirit.

Every Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 8:00pm, we take some time to be still, pay attention, and be at ease. 

Meditations are led by Margie Rodgers and Seamus Kennedy.

meditation margie rodgersMargie Rodgers is our regular meditation instructor. She is a student of the Tibetan Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön and a leader in the Pema Chödrön Foundation, and brings inspiration and deep kindness to her meditations at Live Well.pema chodron elmira

Meditation Links and Inspiration

1. Pema Chödrön talks about fear and fearlessness, and presents a good context for meditation. 11m 17s

Click here to watch the video of Pema's dharma talk!

2. Neuroscientist Sara Lazar’s amazing brain scans show meditation can actually change the size of key regions of our brain, improving our memory and making us more empathetic, compassionate, and resilient under stress. 8m 33s

Click here to watch the video of Dr. Lazar's TEDx talk! 

3. Jack Kornfield talks about beginner's meditation. Why do people meditate? What is it, and why is it so helpful to practice meditation? 6m 19s

Click here to watch a video of Jack's beginner's meditation instruction!