Services and Fees

Expert Client-Based Massage Therapy 

Payela Hughes LMT

Ryan Hayes LMT

Maya Williams LMT

Seamus Kennedy LMT LAc

Wellness Massage - Our entry-level expert massage based on your needs, in a context of relaxation and stress-reduction

$25   quarter hour (15 minutes)

$45    half hour (30 minutes)

$65    one hour (60 minutes)

$80    one hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes)

$90    one hour and a half (90 minutes)

$150   COUPLES massage, one hour in our gorgeous "Living Room" (two clients, two therapists)

Sports & Functional Recovery Massage -
includes stretching and deep connective tissue therapy

$25 quarter hour

$50 half hour

$80 one hour

$115 one hour and a half


$145    shiatsu,  2+ hours

$25    15 minutes, focused area

$100    one hour sports and functional massage therapy with Seamus Kennedy LAc LMT



$55 60-minute float session

$65 90-minute float session

$100 3 and a half HOURS of float therapy

3-Float Series (90-minutes each) costs $165, and is transferable to friends and family

Annual Membership is $45 per month, includes your monthly float and any additional floats at $45 each (non-transferable)  *12-month commitment


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (because of the holistic and thorough nature of our natural health care, medical services require an initial history and intake consultation, see below under Consultations)

Seamus Kennedy LAc LMT

$55 Acupuncture treatment (30-60 minutes)

$25    Medical Massage Therapy, per 15 minutes (does not necessarily require prior consultation)

$35    Other Services per 15 minutes: manual therapy, cupping, structural alignment, psychological et al.

Variable cost:   Natural Prescriptions, Homeopathic Remedies and Supplements

Consultations (required for acupuncture and other medical services)

SEAMUS KENNEDY, LAc LMT:    Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Medical Massage Therapy

FREE    Introductory Visit, up to 30 minutes: A brief introduction to explore Chinese medicine (no services)

$40     Acute Intake (up to 20 minutes): One-issue visit for new patient

$60    Expanded Acute Intake (up to 40 minutes): One-issue visit with complications

$120    Comprehensive Intake (up to 90 minutes): includes medical and nutritional strategies, natural medicine education and healthcare plan

$35    Established patients, problem-focused (10-20 minutes)

$75    Established patients, expanded consult (30-60 minutes)



Cancellation Cost of visit, if less than one business day's notice

Extended hours appointment (if available) $50 fee added to visit charge

Gift Cards Available

In any denomination, we encourage gift certificates as a way to express care for your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Contribute to the health of others, and enjoy the satisfaction of your valuable gift of wellness!