6:45 Meditation

Mon, January 6, 20146:45 PM

Evening Meditation 6:45 - 8:00pm

Join us for a gentle hour of sitting together. Please arrive 5 minutes early to find a seat and settle in. Feel free to call or email for more information. Find us upstairs in the Living Room.

Meditation is a core practice here at Live Well Upstate. We can eat well, exercise, get plenty of sunshine and affection, and still be at the mercy of negative thinking, unhelpful emotions and fixed self-concepts.

Meditation in a group creates space for us to come as we are, and let everything be just as it is, without trying to change anything, avoid anything, or even figure out anything. When we do this, we become direct participants in our own deepest selves, before thought and emotion arise, where there is no fear or discontent.

Mindfulness also enhances our immune system, lowers our blood pressure and stress hormones, and gives us much needed rest from constant problem-solving.

All are welcome, we approach each session with beginner's mind.

Suggested donation for meditation: $5 

*(you are unconditionally welcome, please do not let money concerns keep you from practicing with us!) :)

Seamus Kennedy, LAc LMT seamus@livewellupstate.com

Margie Rodgers, margiehg@hotmail.com